Dates may be man's oldest cultivated fruit, they have certainly been the staff of life to millions of people in western Asia, the middle east and north Africa of many thousands of years.

Dates differ in taste, size, shape, colour and texture but it is now well established that the best dessert dates are produced in the Oasis of El Jerid in Tunisia, on the edge of Sahara.

Oasis macro-climatic conditions, with the date palms top under a dry topical sun and it's roots in cool pure water, produce a fruit of superb qulity.

The date palm population in Tunisia is about 6 million , mainly concentrated around the oases of Tozeur, Kebili and Tamerza.

These "gardens" are classified as traditional when they bear various varieties or as modern when they specialise in the Deglet Nour variety. Aware of its share in the world dessert, dates market and keen to protect it, Tunisia has since 1970 embarked in an ambitious research development programme aiming at :

  • Rejuvenating the date palm population
  • Increasing the Deglet Nour production
  • Moderninsing the packing houses
  • Improving the quality control
  • Far from being the biggest producer of dates in the word Tunisia remains the worlds first producer of Dessert dates and, beyond doubt, Deglet Nour's mother land.


We are Gower, Packer and exporter, our company is a reference company in Tunisia in processing and exporting high-quality fresh and dried Deglet nour dates.